Strength is power. These inspiring women overcame personal obstacles, transformed their lives, and became Curves Strong through the motivation, support and guidance of their coaches and community. Get inspired and feel the power with the videos below!

  • Reenie Blechle
  • Weight Lost: 50
    Waist Size Lost: 50
    Dress Sizes Lost: 8

Before joining Curves I weighed close to 200 pounds, on blood pressure and cholesterol medicines and wore a size 16-18 W. I hated every minute of it. I tried dieting (or what I thought was dieting). It would work for a little while and then I would fall right back into the same bad habits. I was very unhappy with the way I looked, I didn't like the way I felt... always tired, no energy, and lack of interest in activities that required any effort. I'm in my early 50's with a lot of years ahead of me and I wanted them to be quality years not ones filled with health issues. All of it seemed so insurmountable that I wasn't sure where or how to begin and lacked the confidence that I could even do it. But yet, I was FED UP and DONE! I joined Curves! It's been a year now. With hard work, dedication, Curves Complete, Curves Smart, the incredibly wonderful coaches, and tremendous amount of support from my husband, family, and friends, I have lost 50 pounds, 50 inches overall, and 8.7% body fat or 34 pounds of body fat, no longer on cholesterol medicine, and can now fit into a size 8! What I've gained, however, far outweighs what I've lost...confidence that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, and a high energy level. I owe this "life transition" to Curves and the wonderful staff who continues to support me by celebrating the victories and providing encouragement through the challenges. I'm very close to meeting my goal weight, but I still have work to do in the toning department. I now have the confidence that I will get there with the help of Curves. Thank you, Curves, for helping me get my life back!

  • Chris Stirrett
  • Weight Lost: 15.7
    Waist Size Lost: 12.75
It is important to keep the focus on YOU even when life does get in the way. As women we tend to focus on everything but ourselves. Take this opportunity to do something for yourself- put healthy eating and exercise as a focus for your life. Take the challenge for Curves Complete! I did and I feel and look great for it!

I joined Curves back in December 2013. I joined because my pants were no longer fitting and I did not want to go up another size. I know Curves works because I had joined for 5 years before my son was born. This time I decided to take the 90 Day Curves Complete Challenge. It turned out that it made a lifetime change for me. I have learned to eat differently- even different foods, such as nuts, have made a big difference. I am more regular now. I have more energy and I just feel better all around. I have lost 12.75 inches and 15.7 pounds!

  • Marcia Tennill
  • Weight Lost: 36.8
    Waist Size Lost: 29.5

When I joined Curves in the summer of 2009, my goal was to lose a few pounds, have a slimmer body size, and get into better physical shape. I did not consider myself obese, but my blood pressure and cholesterol had been slowly creeping up over the years, as had the numbers on the scale and my clothes size. Those of us who have struggled all of our lives with weight and body size know what it is like to only have about 3 or 4 things in the closet that fit! I began by doing the Curves Circuit 4 times a week, and at the end of the year had lost about 10 pounds and was able to wear more things in my closet. Unfortunately, I had a few medical issues in the next few years, and as a result my Curves workout schedule was disrupted. It is so easy to get out of the habit of going- and I did. In June of 2013, I decided to return to Curves and was greeted enthusiastically and welcomed back! That is when Diane and Ginna (the owners) encouraged me to try the Curves Complete Program, which includes a nutrition and exercise plan, as well as a weekly meeting with one of the Curves coaches. I decided I had to do something to get back on track, so I committed to the 6 month program. My goal was to lose 25 pounds, and I succeeded and actually lost a few more. I now have cholesterol and blood pressure numbers that are in the normal range, as well as a new and smaller sized wardrobe! I feel great, and overall have so much more confidence in myself physically and emotionally! Over the years, I have probably been on every diet out there- low fat, low carb, no carb, high protein, calorie counting, portion control, that crazy cabbage soup diet, and diet shakes to name a few. I could always lose weight, but it just didn't stay off. However, I have maintained my weight loss and fitness level for 7 months now! I have permanently changed what I eat and how I think about exercise, not an occasional activity but as part of my weekly routine. I attribute my success to the Curves Complete Program in general, but I truly believe that the weekly coachings with Diane made the difference. Each week we reviewed my progress - big or small - but the conversation was always positive and focused on what I should continue or could do differently in the upcoming week to keep moving toward my goal. When you reach your goal weight, Curves Complete has a secret weapon: a "reset button!" It's the 3 and 3 - if you go up 3 pounds, you diet for 3 days, and the weight comes off before it becomes permanent! The great thing about that is I now know that I am in control of my weight and fitness level and I have the tools to keep it in check! I have 4 beautiful granddaughters with another on the way, and I intend to be healthy and fit enough to see them all grow up! Health is important, but the cosmetic benefits are also rewarding and fun! At the age of 63, I just bought my first "little black dress" - and I love it! My warmest thanks go to Curves and to the wonderfully supportive coaches at our St. Peters-South location!

***Curves Complete members can expect to lose, on average, 10 lbs. and 3 inches over 13 weeks.